2014 to 2016 JEEP Cherokee Sprint Booster V3

Part No: SPRJE012
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Model Note:
Incl. SRT-8

Key Benefits
• Eliminates throttle lag • Off-road enhancer
• Instant acceleration response • 30-Day Money-Back 
• Increases performance  


How Sprint Boosters Makes Your Jeep Better

By side-stepping your FACTORY SET throttle, Sprint Boosters give you direct "throttle control."

And to be clear, it’s not making more horse-power, it’s making your Jeep more responsive by drastically improving your Jeep’s throttle response time and giving you INSTANT GO POWER.

On-Road & Off-Road Enhancements

Not only will a Sprint Booster V3 enhance your Jeep’s performance on-road but it will enhance it off-road as well.

According to FourWheelNetwork writes:

we thought that the throttle might be too responsive in 4-lo off-road. Another pleasant surprise. The throttle reacted just fine in 4-lo, leaving plenty of control for carefully driving off-road, even with our 4:1 transfer case. 
In fact, the improved reaction time of the throttle gave us more control because we could use less throttle movement to get the power we wanted.”


Eliminate your throttle's slow response time and bring instant power back to your pedal  -- Guaranteed!

Upgrade your Vehicle's Performance to Sprint Booster V3  TODAY!

Please Note:  Sprint Boosters are confirmed to work with USA Market cars only.  We cannot guarantee compatibility with cars made for sale outside of the US market.




“I have a 2007 Jeep Wrangler Ltd. I have always been disappointed with it’s performance on the street/road. I am very pleased with the performance improvement provided by the Sprint Booster. Every bit as good as advertised. BTW, when installing the Booster on my particular vehicle, I discovered that it had to be installed backwards from the illustrations in the documentation. i.e. the booster module had to be plugged into my wiring loom vs being plugged into the acceleration pedal assembly as illustrated.”

2007 Jeep Wrangler Ltd - Stars: 5 of 5

“Great product, it work very well, give the gas pedal much faster response and much exciting driving.”

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 TDiesel - Stars: 5 of 5


In this video, Neil Hollander gives the Sprint Booster V3 a product review and

shows how easy it is to install in his Jeep Grand Cherokee.


Review was done by Niel Hollender - 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT.
Has an afe cold air intake and exhaust on it. Now the Sprint Booster V3! Install was super simple!! Awesome product love it! What a difference!


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