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FAQs for Sprint Booster Power Converters V3

What is Sprint Booster?

Sprint Booster is an electronic device that modifies the throttle curve for increased performance that makes your car "feel" more powerful. The stock system is designed for "smoothness" and fuel economy while Sprint Booster makes your car more "fun" to drive.

Why is Sprint Booster So Effective?

Modern cars like the car use a drive-by-wire technology where the throttle is operated electronically instead of using a cable as in the past. This modern technology introduces an undesirable side effect of a slow response and less than impressive off-the-line performance. Sprint Booster overcomes this.

What about Shipping Costs?

We will FREE SHIP ANY Sprint Booster V3 to customers within the contintental United States.  Unfortunately, because of duties, tracking, cost of shipping and other factors, we cannot offer the same benefit to customers in other parts of the world.  

How much horsepower gain can I expect from Sprint Booster?

Sprint Booster does not increase horsepower. Sprint Booster changes the throttle response in the low to mid rpm range where cars spend a majority of their time. As a result, your car feels peppier and more powerful.

Is Sprint Booster a software product?

Sprint Booster is a hardware based product designed specifically for your car. It installs easily between the accelerator pedal module and the harness. Sprint Booster can be installed in about 10 minutes with a 5mm allen wrench. Your car can be restored to stock just as easily.

Why should I buy ECU upgrades if Sprint Booster is so good?

Sprint Booster is designed to greatly improve the everyday driving experience. ECU upgrades have a clear advantage when driving on the track where you can continuously drive your car in the mid to high rpm range - this is where the horsepower increase really makes a difference. Sprint Booster is for the daily commute or trip to the store, ECU upgrades are better for track or competitive driving. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from adding this to your ECU upgraded car for an all-around performance gain!

What’s the difference between the Sprint Booster V2 and the Sprint Booster V3?
The biggest differences between the new V3 (Version 3) and V2 (or Version 2) are – the V3 automatically adapts to your vehicles transmission and fuel type (gasoline or diesel.) In addition, the V3 has 18 acceleration programs while V2 has nine.

And, the V3 features a Pedal lock mode (which provides extra protection against unauthorized vehicle use) and a Valet mode (which limits the acceleration of the vehicle by 55 % - 65% - 75% (comes in 3 selectable levels.) Both are active by a 3 digit PIN.

The V3 is also features a smaller design.

How do I switch between the different Sprint Booster V2 Accelerator Modes?

On the Sprint Booster V2, in order to switch between the different acceleration modes/presets you need to press the main button on the selector Switch (button with Sprint Booster logo). The main button will cycle through the 3 acceleration modes (Off – Sport – Race -Off – Sport ...etc) The navigation through different modes should be done when the accelerator pedal is not pressed. Never change modes while pressing the accelerator pedal.

How do I switch modes on the Sprint Booster V3?

Acceleration Programs Each mode (SPORT – RACE) comes with 18 programs in total so the driver can choose the one that suits their driving style.
In order to navigate through the different programs-steps on each mode you need to press one of the arrow buttons located on the left and right of your selection switch. The selected program is shown on the LED Display.
Once you have set your preferences, press the main button to save your selection.
NOTE: Never change programs while pressing the accelerator pedal.

Why does the light stay on after I turn off the car?

The light stays on after you turn off the ignition because of the residual power in the circuits when the car is shut down. The reason it stays on so long is the LED is an extremely low power device so it takes awhile for the power to bleed off. This is an extremely low use of power so there is no cause for alarm.

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