How Does It Work

How Does A Sprint Booster Work

The short answer is, Sprint Booster overvrides your Drive-By-Wire Electronic Controls that "holds back" on your throttle, creating a lag.  But with your Sprint Booster installed, that lag is gone and replaced with instant control of your accelerator.  No Lag. No Hesitation.  This video below demonstates the power of Sprint Boosters perfectly. 


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 More Details On How A Sprint Booster V3 Works

  • A Sprint Booster V3 overrides your ECU's factory setting and allows you to have a dramatically increased pedal response and a faster throttle body opening.
  • So, essentially, when you install the SprintBooster, you get instant acceleration response every time you press the gas pedal. 

What Does That Mean Exactly

Electronic Control Modules (ECMs) have replaced throttle cables in automobiles of the 21st century, converting pedal movement into electronic impulses that power the wheels.

Drive-by-wire, or ECM, has the unpleasant side effect of delayed throttle response and suppressed acceleration, which can be problematic in some situations, such as up-hill starts, quick gear changes, overtaking, etc.

For Drive-by-Wire equipped vehicles, the Sprint Booster overcomes this delay by offering sharp on-tap acceleration.

Sprint Booster may be your car's most "smart" accessory.

By continuously measuring and converting the digital signal provided by the potentiometer of the ETC, and then providing the ECM with a fresh and altered signal, this device enhances acceleration.

And Installation is Easy

In order to install the Sprint Booster, no cables need to be cut (plug n' play) or electronic components need to be tampered with (interference) (it does not affect other systems such as electronic injection, ABS, etc.).

The accelerator pedal connector is where you'll plug up your Sprint Booster. Sprint Booster can be connected between the OE connector and the accelerator pedal by simply disconnecting it (one side connects to the pedal and one side on the OE connector).

Other Benefits of Installing A Sprint Booster

Sprint Booster is intended for all drivers with ECT-equipped vehicles who want a safer and more exciting driving experience.

- At low revs, the engine responds in roughly half the time it did previously.
- When accelerating in third and fourth gears with the engine in the mid-range, the delay time is almost zero.
- There are significant differences in the higher rev range.
- Improved downshift response and safer overtaking.
- Overall road safety and enjoyment!


Plug in a Sprint Booster that fits your car and you'll see what we mean!


Plug in Sprint Booster and enhance throttle booster response


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For more information about the Sprint Booster including Shipping Costs, Performance Concerns, Acceleration and Mode Questions, and Special Features, head on over to our FAQ Page.  And if you have any questions, please send us a note. We'd love to add them to our site and help educate other customers.

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