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Sprint Booster: How It Works

QUESTION: How Does a Sprint Booster Work?

1. You plug it in then the Sprint Booster into your accelerator pedal module. 

2. Your Sprint Booster Power Converter overrides your car's standard, factory drive-by-wire setting and increases the throttle response of your accelerator. 

This provides a quicker response time and an increased 'Feeling of more Power."


Thanks to Motorhead Garage TV for a quick and easy-to-understand video on how Sprintbooster's work.
Sprint Booster Graph


More Detail

These days cars us an ECM (Electronic Control Module) rather than the old, traditional throttle cable. So, instead of having a throttle dictate how fast you take off, this ECM does it instead; it translates how hard you push on the pedal into electronic signals which in turn tells the ETC (Electronic Throttle Control) how much power to provide to the wheels. And while this may be more efficient way of working, it has the disappointing downside of delaying your pedal's response time and acceleration.

But once you plug a Sprint Booster into your car all that goes away and instead... you have instant response time which translates to instant POWER!  Plug in a Sprint Booster that fits your car and you'll see what we mean!


And It's Easy To Install Too

As a Plug-N-Play app to your car, Sprint Boosters require no mechanical tools or know-how. Simply locate and remove the harness connector on the accelerator pedal, plug the Sprint Booster between the pedal and the harness connector and you're essentially done.  Here's more instructions on Installing your Sprint Booster.


Plus, We Offer Free Shipping Within The Continental US

Sprintbooster offers Free Shipping to any address within the lower 48 States.   (International, Hawaii, Alaska, and territories outside the Continental US, receives a discounted rate, but unfortunately, it's not free.)

Are You Ready To Put The 'Fun' Back Into Your Daily Drive?

If so, then Sprint Booster is made for you!  They are the most effective throttle enhancer in the low to mid rpm range, which is where most 'street' cars are driven on a daily basis making your car more responsive and thus more 'fun'!


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