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Sprint Booster: How It Works

What is a Sprint Booster V3 and How Does It Work?


Sprint Booster V3 is a simple, plug-n-play upgrade that overrides your car's factory drive-by-wire setting and eliminates your throttle lag. This in turns improves your cars acceleration by increasing the throttle response time.

  And by providing a 
quicker response time, you accelerate faster giving you a feeling of 
every time you press on the gas.

We Guarantee It!

How Does A Sprint Booster V3 Work

Quick answer is: Sprint Booster plugs in between your pedal and your ECM and bypasses your factor throttle setting, so you get a pedal response.  

A little more details is: These days cars use a ECM (Electronic Control Module) rather than the old, traditional cable to open and close their throttles.

So, instead of having a throttle cable dictate how fast you take off, this ECM does it instead. So no matter how hard you push on the pedal, the ECM carefully regulates how much power to provide to the wheels.

And while this may be a more efficient way of working, it has the disappointing downside of delaying your pedals response time and acceleration.

But once you plug a Sprint Booster V3 into your car all that goes away and instead... you have instant response time which translates to instant ACCELERATION! 

Plug in a Sprint Booster that fits your car and you'll see what we mean!

Works on All Transmissions Too

Using the Selector, you simple slide a switch to either manual transmission or automatic transmission. The Sprint Booster does the rest.

How do The Acceleration Modes Work

 There are two acceleration modes, Race and Sport. Sport mode is for every day spirited driving.  Setting sport around five or six on the range of one to 9, is about enough for the average driver.  The Race mode is for drivers how like a more agressive feel, one that throws you to the back of your seat. It's safe to say, it's not for the timid driver. 


Check out our FAQ page

For more information about the Sprint Booster including Shipping Costs, Performance Questions, and Special Features, head on over to our FAQ Page.  And if you have any questions, please send us a note.  We'd love to add them to our site and help educate other customers.

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