How Sprint Boosters Works

What is a Sprint Booster and How It Works

Spin Booster or Sprint Booster Throttle Booster

  • What is a Sprint Booster V3?

  • Our Sprint Booster V3 is a simple and easy to install plug-n-play mode that overrides your vehicles factory drive-by-wire and eliminates throttle lag. By doing so, this improves your cars acceleration by improving the throttle response time. The result is an instant response time allowing you to accelerate faster, giving you complete control and a “Wow” feeling every time you press on the gas pedal. It's the perfect throttle lag eliminator for your car!

  • How Exactly Does a Sprint Booster Work?

  • A Sprint Booster V3 overrides your ECU’s factory setting, which is pre-set to make you push your pedal down further with less opening of the throttle body. When the SprintBooster is installed it bypasses the drive-by-wire and allows the throttle body to open much quicker, giving you the instant acceleration response your vehicle should have had out of the factory

More Details On How A Sprint Booster V3 Works

These days cars use a ECM (Electronic Control Module) rather than the old, traditional cable to open and close their throttles.

So, instead of having a throttle cable dictate how fast you take off, this ECM does it instead. So no matter how hard you push on the pedal, the ECM carefully regulates how much power to provide to the wheels.

And while this may be a more efficient way of working, it has the disappointing downside of delaying your pedals response time and acceleration.

But with a Sprint Booster V3, all that goes away.  Instead, when you plug in your Sprint Booster between your pedal and your ECM you bypass your factor throttle setting and replace it with instant response time. And that translates into instant ACCELERATION the moment you hit the pedal!    

Plug in a Sprint Booster that fits your car and you'll see what we mean!


Plug in Sprint Booster and enhance throttle booster response


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For more information about the Sprint Booster including Shipping Costs, Performance Concerns, Acceleration and Mode Questions, and Special Features, head on over to our FAQ Page.  And if you have any questions, please send us a note. We'd love to add them to our site and help educate other customers.

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