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Sprint Booster: How It Works - V2 vs V3

"Sprint Booster makes your car 'feel' more powerful"     V2 vs V3 see below

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Faster Throttle Response

Sprint Booster makes your car's throttle respond faster to your foot. As a result, your gas pedal actually achieves a full throttle response 25% sooner than the stock configuration. Even if you have a 'sport' button, Sprint Booster will quicken the throttle response time. By making the throttle respond faster to your input, you will feel as though your car has more muscle than it really does!

Sprint Booster Graph • Sprint Booster does not increase Horsepower.

• Sprint Booster does not reduce your 0-60mph times.

• Sprint Booster DOES make your car 'FEEL' faster.

• Sprint Booster is not for everyone.

How It Works

Sprint Booster modifies the signal between the accelerator pedal module and the electronic throttle body. This modified signal forces the throttle body to open 'more' than the stock signal at a given pedal position. In effect, the idle-to-full-throttle pedal travel is reduced. This makes your car 'feel' more powerful because a given pedal input produces greater throttle opening. This is especially evident in the low to mid rpm range where most cars spend their time on the street.

Sprint Booster simply modifies the throttle signal between the accelerator pedal and the throttle body. Big deal right? Keep in mind, this is the same concept as the 'throttle pulley' modification on cable based throttle systems - which was very popular in it's time. It doesn't add horsepower, but makes the throttle more sensitive and makes the car 'feel' faster.

It doesn't matter if you have a Sport Mode, ECU software, or 'Chip' on your car, Sprint Booster works independently of other modifications. It simply makes the throttle more sensitive, making the car 'feel' faster.

Is Sprint Booster for everyone? Of course not, no performance product ever is. If you have a track car where you spend most of your time near redline, Sprint Booster is not for you - Sprint Booster benefits are felt in the low to mid pedal travel. Some people don't like the fact that Sprint Booster reaches full throttle before full pedal travel - if you routinely mash the throttle to the floor, Sprint Booster may not be for you.

Sprint Booster is most effective in the low to mid rpm range, which is where most 'street' cars are driven on a daily basis. Yes, you may need to adjust your driving style after installing Sprint Booster - but that is a short learning curve. Sprint Booster will put the 'fun' back into your daily drive.

Sprint Booster is simple but effective - it makes the car more responsive and thus more 'fun'! This is why the product carries a 30-day money back guarantee!!!

Sprint Booster installs in minutes, and is easily removable. Plug-n-Play performance!

Just try it! Make your daily drive more 'fun'.

V2 vs V3: Which Sprint Booster is Right For You?

No matter which way you choose, either the V2 Sprint Booster or the V3 Sprint Booster – you’ll come out ahead.

*Please Note: Not all Car Makes or Models have the option to choose between the Two Sprint Booster types. To find which options are available for your car, go to  Find Your Sprint Booster.

V2 Special Features :
3 Acceleration modes (Off, Sport and Racing) *
3-Step, 5-minute Plug-n-Play installation
Available for both Automatic or Manual Transmissions
Designed for either Gas or Diesel car types (selected at purchase)
Securely fastens to Dashboard for easy access and acceleration selection mode.
Ultra compact size

V3 Special features :
3 Acceleration modes (Off, Sport and Racing) *
36 Acceleration programs (18 manual & 18 automatic transmissions)
Pedal lock mode
Valet mode
Ultra compact size / New Design
Plug n Play installation

Additional Sprint Booster V3 Features

Each mode (SPORT – RACE) comes with 9 steps-programs so the driver can choose the one that suits his driving style (18 programs for manual transmission & 18 programs for automatic transmission in total). This allows the driver to fine-tune each mode (SPORT – RACE) according his needs by selecting one of the nine different programs on each mode.
You can select 1-9 in SPORT mode (Green light) and 1-9 in RACE mode (Red light) with '1' being the least aggressive program and '9' the most aggressive one.

Each program adjusts the response by 3-6% so it can be fully adjustable and customized by each driver.

The Pedal Lock mode provides extra protection against unauthorized vehicle use. The driver can deactivate the acceleration ability of the vehicle when it's stationary through a 3 digit PIN. When Pedal lock is enabled the acceleration gets disabled and the vehicle stays on idle until you enter the correct PIN.
The Valet mode limits the acceleration of the vehicle by 55 % - 65% - 75% (comes in 3 selectable levels). It is activated/deactivated through a 3 digit PIN. By limiting the acceleration there will be a significant reduce in vehicle's performance (Power and Torque).

The compact size allows the driver to place the selector switch anywhere on the dashboard with the use of the double sided tape.

Memory. Sprint Booster also offers the option to the driver to completely remove the switch from the device. In this case the device will work with the last settings stored in memory. For example , if the driver disconnects the selector switch while in SPORT-5 (SPORT mode- Acceleration program 5), the device will keep as default the program SPORT-5.

*Both Sprint Booster Power Converters (V2 and V3) come with 3 Acceleration modes :
Off mode - Sprint Booster is deactivated. The response of the car has the factory settings. The LED of the Selector switch is OFF.
Sport mode - Sprint Booster provides improved response up to 30%. The LED of the selector switch in Sport mode is Green.
Race mode - Sprint Booster provides improved response up to 60%. The LED of the selector switch in Race mode is Red.