How To Improve Throttle Response

3 Ways to Improve Throttle Response

1.Throttle re-mapping for faster response

 2. Aftermarket throttle bodies to increase air volume

3. Tuning your throttle


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Throttle Re-mapping with a Throttle Booster

What's the throttle map, you ask? Well, the throttle map is what the computer uses to calculate how much the throttle body opens or closes based on your foot position. As you press or lift your foot, the input signal is sent to the ECU, processed, and then converted to the output signal to move the throttle solenoid in the required direction and by the required amount.

What's really impressive is that all this processing takes place in so little time that a fly-by-wire throttle system is actually quicker than a cable system. Depending on the sensitivity of the setup, the fly-by-wire throttle system can provide an almost instantaneous response to your car.

Increase Throttle Response with Aftermarket Throttle Bodies

Aftermarket throttle bodies are trying to increase both size and speed. More air volume and speed is a surefire way to increase horsepower and throttle response at any given RPM. It is easy to achieve this at high RPM when the engine sucks in substantial amounts of air on its own. But coming off idle is another story. The key to success for these aftermarket throttle bodies is good materials, larger diameter openings and less restriction. Larger diameter allows for larger volume and usually features a polished finish, offering less friction so that the air can sustain its velocity. As soon as you step on the gas, the volume moves at a sufficiently high speed to speed up the throttle response quicker than stock.


Program Your Throttle with a Tune-up

Aftermarket tuners are designed to allow you to play with the sensitivity of the throttle. Such tuning models store updated or revised versions of the throttle software, and when picked, the inventory throttle chart will be overwritten. That's all it takes practically. A few software adjustments and as soon as you think about pressing the throttle, your car will respond. In addition, these tuners can alter certain engine settings that can release power, calibrate the speedometer for different size tires or gear changes, modify the function of the transmission (shift points, automatic shift firmness) etc., USA Leader in Sprint Booster V3 Products

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