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What’s Holding Back Your Toyota


Drive-By-Wire systems could be robbing your Toyota of performance and how it should feel when you drive it.

Nowadays, all Toyota’s are made with drive-by-wire systems, which basically regulates how quickly your Toyota responds.

These drive-by-wire systems cause "throttle lag" and "rev hangs" in your vehicle, making it feel sluggish when you press on the accelerator and can make you feel disconnected with your Toyota. A Sprint Booster V3 fixes that problem.


How Sprint Boosters Beat The Factory Drive-By-Wire & Will Improve Performance


With drive-by-wire technology, when you mash the pedal 100% you only get about 75% percent until a certain RPM. 

The Sprint Booster changes that by converting the digital signal, providing the ECM with a new and altered signal that gives instantaneous results. And to be clear, it’s not making more horse-power, it’s making your Toyota more responsive by removing the lag caused by your factory drive-by-wire system. 

In shorter terms, it improves your Toyota’s throttle response time, eliminating the lag between the gas pedal and the throttle, giving your vehicle instant response.


On-Road & Off-Road Enhancements


Not only will a Sprint Booster V3 enhance your Toyota’s performance on-road but it will enhance it off-road as well.

FourWheelNetwork writes,we thought that the throttle might be too responsive in 4-lo off-road. Another pleasant surprise. The throttle reacted just fine in 4-lo, leaving plenty of control for carefully driving off-road, even with our 4:1 transfer case.

In fact, the improved reaction time of the throttle gave us more control because we could use less throttle movement to get the power we wanted.”


Top Review


“So I bought a new 2016 SR5 4x4 a few weeks ago and while I love almost everything about it, I was surprised and honestly disappointed in how this 270 HP truck actually felt weaker in terms of get up and go than my 190 HP '97 4Runner... on 35s with full armor, steel bumpers and a few hundred lbs of tools and gear in the back.

I know many 5th gen owners are content with just mashing the pedal down to get some decent acceleration out of these trucks, but having to do that every time personally made me feel like my new truck was an anemic slug. And it honestly took a lot of the fun out of the whole experience of driving this new vehicle. I tried to get used to it, but the laggy throttle and acceleration was still very annoying, even after a few weeks of owning the truck, and I realized I wasn't personally ever going to be content with it (contrary to what many on here say). Maybe the difference for me is when I jump back in my 3rd gen and it FEELS like it has more get up and go than my 5th gen. That's just wrong.


We all know these trucks have the power there, but having to persuade it that much to tap into that power is ********, plain and simple. Even my wife said she had problems getting it up to freeway speed because it just felt so unnatural to have to give it that much gas just to keep up with the other cars on the road.


I figured if a spent almost $40Gs on this thing, I could risk $300 on the Sprint Booster and see if it makes this truck feel the way they should have made it from the factory. I'm happy to say the SB made all the difference for me. The driving experience really does come down to the feel. The SprintBooster makes this truck A LOT more fun to drive, even though I know it's just "perceived power". My foot likes it now, and so does the rest of me.


I read a lot of negative comments about the SB because all it does is change the throttle curve, but I'll tell you, it makes a noticeable difference in how the truck responds. And that's huge.


And almost 100% of the negativity I read was from people who were only speculating on the SB and never tried it for themselves.


If you love your 5th gen the way it is and don't mind having to floor it to get it to go, more power to you.. but I'll never look back.



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