Enhance Cherokee Performance

What’s Holding Back Your Cherokee

Drive-By-Wire systems could be robbing your Cherokee of performance and how it should feel when you drive it.

Nowadays, all Jeep’s are made with drive-by-wire systems, which basically regulates how quickly your Cherokee responds.

These drive-by-wire systems cause "throttle lag" and "rev hangs" in your vehicle, making it feel sluggish when you press on the accelerator and can make you feel disconnected with your Cherokee. A Sprint Booster V3 fixes that problem.


Beat The Drive-By-Wire & Improve Performance

With drive-by-wire technology, when you mash the pedal 100% you only get about 75% percent until a certain RPM. 

The Sprint Booster changes that by converting the digital signal, providing the ECM with a new and altered signal that gives instantaneous results. And to be clear, it’s not making more horse-power, it’s making your Cherokee more responsive by removing the lag caused by your factory drive-by-wire system. 

In shorter terms, it improves your Cherokee's throttle response time, eliminating the lag between the gas pedal and the power train, giving your vehicle instant response.


On-Road & Off-Road

Not only will a Sprint Booster V3 enhance your Cherokee’s performance on-road but it will enhance it off-road as well.

FourWheelNetwork writes, “we thought that the throttle might be too responsive in 4-lo off-road. Another pleasant surprise. The throttle reacted just fine in 4-lo, leaving plenty of control for carefully driving off-road, even with our 4:1 transfer case. In fact, the improved reaction time of the throttle gave us more control because we could use less throttle movement to get the power we wanted.”




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