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Video by Two Guys Garage

KEVIN BYRD: Hey, welcome back. We're just about wrapped up on the Mustang project and we’ve got one cool little thing to show you and that's the Technology in Drive by Wire, so, no longer do you have a Throttle Pedal and a Cable to your Throttle, so you get this one to one-you have Drive by Wire, so you can do something over here and then Your Computer decides what to do over here.

WILLIE B: Exactly-your magnet, right, with the blade on the Throttle Body, it may take some time now-here's where the factory guys, the O.E.M guys, thought most of the consumers out there would like it. So, as you can tell, it’s a very gradual opening you know so…

KEVIN BYRD: It’s nice and friendly…

WILLIE B: Yeah, even when I'm a matted it still takes a while to transition from that closed position to the all the way wide open position.

KEVIN BYRD: We’ll introduce something so simple, SPRINT BOOSTER; it's really a little inline pigtail with some Computer stuff in there to change the signal, so now you have the ability to make that do what you want, instead of what the O.E.M. thought you might want to hang out and get groceries instead.

WILLIE B: Yeah, nobody wants to drive with that throttle body opening that slow, you want to ramp it up! There's Factory.

KEVIN BYRD: That's not a Burn Out. Now that's kind of a burnout.

WILLIE B: That's a little aggressive…

KEVIN BYRD: Now go all the way.

WILLIE B: Now, for all my friends, born in the Guillotine time’s, you may recall how fast that blade came down? Boom!

KEVIN BYRD: That is a burnout, man!

WILLIE B: Yeah man!

KEVIN BYRD: So you have three different options or multiple options with the switch and you can run it or not run it so, on the fly, you can change how this operates and you wouldn’t believe the difference in feel-just like in these new Drive By Wires, you can change, you know, kind of the action and the feeling in your steering; the pedal’s right there with it.

WILLIE B: Yeah and it's all about that Throttle response where you feel comfortable when you tip in, like if you want it instantaneously, right, you want to get that aggressive setting- Bam!-it’s right there.

KEVIN BYRD: Yeah, so these guys have it for thirty six hundred vehicles; Gasoline, Diesel. It's a really cool simple thing. It's literally plug this guy in...

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