Save Gas?

Save Gas With Sprint Boosters!  Seriously.


I know it sounds counterintuitive, but it's been proven that you can actually get better gas mileage with a Sprint Booster - depending on how you drive.  

If you're a jackrabbit that likes fast take offs and zoom-around passing, nah, this won't help. BUT...

...if you drive moderately, the Sprint Booster allows you get to the speed you desire faster so you waste less gas throttling up. That's because you get a 1:1 ration when accelerating (which is missing in modern cars due to the Drive By Wire design), the movement on your accelerator is smoother.

For example, let's say you are driving a Non-Sprint Booster car and you want to accelerate into traffic.  You'll end up pressing your  pedal down 50% to reach the speed you want.  The bad news is, your Drive By Wire system causes a delay so you press your pedal down further to get up to speed

Then when you get up to speed, more often than not, you're going faster than you wanted  - again due to throttle lag.  So, now you have to release the pedal to slow down.  And all of that is just an exercise in wasting gas.  

With the 1 to 1 ratio of a Sprint booster, when you press on the pedal you get an instant throttle reaction to the pressure you apply to your pedal. No lag, no back and forth, no wasting gas.

I now this sounds crazy but it's true. Now, with all that said... how much gas will you save? Well, let me put it this a month you might save enough for a cup of coffee - as long as it's nothing fancy.  For that you might have to drive for two months.

And one more caveat to mention:  Once you install your Sprint Booster V3 and experience that feeling of "WOW!" you love driving your car again -- and the power at the pedal. And the whole theory of saving gas may just go out the window.

As a friend of mine one said... "You don’t realize what you are missing until you try one."

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