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Installation and Overview on the Sprint Booster for the 5th Gen 4Runner

The 5th Gen 4Runner has a rather non-responsive skinny pedal.

When you begin to accelerate, the factory throttle response is minimal and for lack of better words, mushy. You really have to press down on the pedal to feel the 4Runner accelerate.

If you want to increase the response from the gas pedal, a throttle response controller will help.

By installing a throttle response controller, you can literally "control" the response you feel when pressing down on the gas pedal.


Sprint Booster Or Pedal Commander?

The Sprint Booster is similar to that of a previously reviewed Pedal Commander. Both units control the accelerators response but differ in a few ways.

The Sprint Booster (SB) has a smaller selector switch than the Pedal Commander (PC).

The PC comes with a detachable selector switch and the SB comes with 3M backing. If you wanted to make the SB detachable, however, buying some hook and loop backing to do it yourself would be pretty simple. The PC also has a few more settings than the SB.

What I like about the SB over the PC is that the unit is much smaller and more compact. The unit also doesn't have any flashy colors on it so if you mount it on your dash somewhere, it may be less noticeable whereas the PC is larger, takes up more real estate, attaches to a big clip, and has bright yellow accents on it.

This is not going to be a Sprint Booster Vs. Pedal Commander article because they are very comparable and both units are worth the price and are far superior over driving stock.

It really comes down to where you want to mount the unit and how you intend on using it.


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