TOYOTA Tacoma 2005 to 2019 Sprint Booster V3

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Sprint Booster Power Converter V3
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• Ultra compact size / New Design with easy access and operations
• Adapts to any transmission / any Gas or Diesel
• Valet mode & Pedal lock mode
• 3 Acceleration modes (Off, Sport & Racing) with 36 Acceleration programs  

   And Sprint Booster V3s are Easy to Install
• 10 minute Plug-n-Play Installation We Promise.   

Finally got to pick up my 2019 Tacoma yesterday afternoon and this morning I attempted to install it. I can report that the model you sell for the 2005-2018 Tacoma works 100% perfectly on the 2019 as well. Just as we thought it would.
I had difficulty getting the Toyota connector disconnected from the accelerator assembly. Couldn't get enough hands and leverage up there to pull the plug apart. The solution was to remove the two 10mm nuts that hold the accelerator assembly to the floorboard so the whole assembly could swing down to a position that made the plug disconnect a piece of cake.
I used dielectric grease at all the connection points and it all went together perfectly.
After it was connected and the accelerator was bolted back in place I turned on the ignition and got no check engine light. Setting the sport and race mode was exactly as your instructions outlined and it is working exactly as it should.
I know your devise doesn't have any effect on horsepower but the "feels like" power has increased by about 25 horsepower by my estimation.
Well worth the cost.
Signed - hih

Eliminate your throttle's slow response time and bring instant power back to your pedal  -- Guaranteed!

Upgrade your Vehicle's Performance to Sprint Booster V3  TODAY!

Please Note:  Sprint Boosters are confirmed to work with USA Market cars only.  We cannot guarantee compatibility with cars made for sale outside of the US market.


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