2008 to 2018 DODGE Challenger Sprint Booster V3

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Sprint Booster Power Converter V3
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Key Benefits
• Eliminates throttle lag • Sport & Race mode
• Instant acceleration response • 30-Day Money-Back 
• Increases performance  


How Sprint Boosters Makes Your CHALLENGER Better

By side-stepping your FACTORY SET throttle, Sprint Boosters give you direct "throttle control."

And to be clear, it’s not making more horse-power, it’s making your Challenger more responsive by drastically improving your Challenger’s throttle response time and giving you INSTANT GO POWER.


Eliminate your throttle's slow response time and bring instant power back to your pedal  -- Guaranteed!

Upgrade your Vehicle's Performance to Sprint Booster V3  TODAY!

Please Note:  Sprint Boosters are confirmed to work with USA Market cars only.  We cannot guarantee compatibility with cars made for sale outside of the US market.





"It is worth every penny. You will not be disappointed. If I may go off on a rant here...they put some serious throttle lag in these cars. I think mainly for safety reasons. You have an engine making over 700 HP. They do not want you stomping on the gas and going Mustang on walls, school buses, nursing homes, etc. A throttle booster will make the pedal action much more closer to what an actual cable would feel like. And if you've ever had a cable throttle on a 600+ hp car, you would know the difference is drastic compared to the stock HC. It will make your car feel like it has every bit of 707 hp. And trust me, if you think your car is fast now, just wait until you give it a try. I have mine set on Sport 5 and I honestly don't know if I could handle it at the higher settings! However your car feels now, it will feel like a different car with the booster. Try it and don't look back."

- Hellcat.org

"I put one on my '15 Scat about six months ago. I leave it on the most aggressive setting and this thing rocks. It makes the go pedal so sensitive that you really have to be careful. When I get caught out in the rain I usually switch it to the middle setting or even turn it off so I'm not always spinning the rear tires when shifting (6M). The car doesn't make any more power but it sure gives the feeling that a tune has been added. I can't hardly drive with this thing turned off. It's truly a night & day difference. One of my favorite mods with nothing to lose. Don't like it? Send it back & get your $$ back. I guarantee you'll keep!"

- ChallengerTalk.com


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