Sprint Booster for your PORSCHE


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You’ll love what a Sprint Booster will do for your PORSCHE!

Sprint Booster Power compared to Factory Setting

Eliminate your PORSCHE'S throttle lag INSTANTLY!
Add more "power" to your pedal - from a dead stop to passing.
Switch between factory, sport and race settings!
Make your daily driving WAY more fun!

And You Can Install it In Minutes

Easy three step installation of Sprint Booster

Simply remove the harness connector from the accelerator pedal.
Plug the Sprint Booster Connector (red tab) into the pedal. 
Switch between factory, sport and race settings!
Attached the harness connector to the Sprint Booster Connector. 

How Exactly Does it Work?

Your car comes with a factory setting that gives your car a "gentle" acceleration - aka throttle lag.
What Sprint Booster does instead, is override that factory setting and instead gives you an immediate response when you hit the pedal.

Sprint Booster's 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Put the pedal to the metal and make driving your PORSCHE fun again with Sprint Booster Power Converters.

Sprint Boosters V3 were specifically designed to work on autos made for the US market.  Cars developed for purchases outside the US may not be compatible with the US Sprint Booster.


"OMG!!! I have to admit I was skeptical that the Sprint Booster would make any improvements. I have a 2008 Cayenne Turbo that has been heavily modified (~750 HP), car runs great and always exciting to drive. But because Porsche has made it virtually impossible to spin the wheels even with the traction control turned off (a safety feature) It always left me feeling I needed more power. Part of how I ended up going overboard with the modifications. I installed the Sprint Booster yesterday revved the engine a few times, thought I could hear a difference but wasn't sure and thought my skepticism was valid. Took her out on the road, laid on the gas and OMG! all four wheels broke loose! You made a believer out of this Porsche driver!"

"A couple of weeks go I went to xxxx Porsche, The sales rep suggested I try the boxter S that was fitted with one of these devices. While I was skeptical, I tried it anyway. Woooow, felt like another 30-50 horses strapped on."

2002 Porsche 911, 2008 Mitsubishi Outlander (5 stars)

Unbelievable device, changes not only throttle response, but also auto gearbox behavior, making for a much more responsive drive. Excellent value for money!

2006 Porsche Cayman S (5 stars)

“My otherwise wonderful Porsche Cayman S had a noticeably “”lazy”” relationship between the throttle pedal and the actuation of the tb butterfly. Since I am fortunate to drive AMG’s and many other fine vehicles as a MB dealership service manager often, I can tell all skeptics without hesitation that this product will improve throttle response dramatically. This makes the engine “”feel”” much more responsive, especially at the smaller throttle angles commonly in use during driving on the street. Highly recommended!

981 Porsche (5 stars)

“I installed this on my 981 and it completely removed the throttle lag. I had my Wife test drive it and She agreed. I love it.

Porsche Macan S (5 stars)

  • “Vehicle: 2015 Porsche Macan S
  • Driving Style: Sporty
  • Sprint Setting: Race (red) = 2
  • Easy installation and does exactly what you expect it to do. More feedback throughout the pedal travel.”


- Sprint Boosters are Distributed by Mini Mania, Inc via SprintBoosterSales.com -