Sprint Booster for your MERCEDES

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You’ll love what a Sprint Booster will do for your MERCEDES!

Sprint Booster Power compared to Factory Setting

Eliminate your MERCEDES' throttle lag INSTANTLY!
Add more "power" to your pedal - from a dead stop to passing.
Switch between factory, sport and race settings!
Make your daily driving WAY more fun!

And You Can Install it In Minutes

Easy three step installation of Sprint Booster

Simply remove the harness connector from the accelerator pedal.
Plug the Sprint Booster Connector (red tab) into the pedal. 
Switch between factory, sport and race settings!
Attached the harness connector to the Sprint Booster Connector. 

How Exactly Does it Work?

Your car comes with a factory setting that gives your car a "gentle" acceleration - aka throttle lag.
What Sprint Booster does instead, is override that factory setting and instead gives you an immediate response when you hit the pedal.

Sprint Booster's 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Put the pedal to the metal and make driving your MERCEDES fun again with Sprint Booster Power Converters.

Sprint Boosters V3 were specifically designed to work on autos made for the US market.  Cars developed for purchases outside the US may not be compatible with the US Sprint Booster.


The feeling of driving is WONDERFUL!!!
2002 Mercedes-Benz E240 (W210) - Stars: 4 of 5

My car lost 500 lbs. Can't believe the response. Naysayers say just put the accelerator down more. WRONG !!!! There is more to this than what is being said. Highway in Red Mode is awesome right to redline/pedal to the floor.
2006 Mercedes CLS500 - Stars: 5 of 5

"Hey guys, I'm back for a bit, just visiting. Sprint Booster is great!! I can confirm that along with all the great stories already on here. When I posted about it a few months back, a lot of people were skeptical about this, but now there's so many of us using it. On the E60, it was insane, I currently have it on my CLK, it really improves the car A LOT!! What I do notice though, and if you guys care to discuss this, if you put the car on Sports mode (DS) do you guys feel like the car shifts abruptly sometimes? Like its hard to drive smooth with this thing, but its damn fun to drive like you stole it. If any of you guys have both an MB and a BMW, try to get it for both, I think the MB shifts much smoother with the SB installed than the BMW, maybe its because of my driving style, but still recommend it to ANYONE!!"

“The sprintboostersales.com website provided a simple and efficient purchase experience, allowing me to select and purchase the correct Sprint Booster 3 unit for my car. There’s plenty of good information on the website regarding what this device does and how to install it.

It is a simple and quick job to install the Sprint Booster 3; I could have done it myself at home but my mechanic was interested to see how it worked so we did it together at his hop. The only difficult part has nothing to do with the unit, it’s more “how to route the wiring cleanly behind the dashboard’s under panels” which was when I was glad we did it there. All together, it took twenty-five minutes to install.

The Sprint Booster 3 unit improves the throttle response of my car (2006 Mercedes-Benz SLK280) to what I wanted it to be. It raised no errors or notifications after installation, and the two curves with nine levels allowed plenty of adjustment range to tune the throttle action to exactly what I wanted. It has improved overall performance and safely (in the ability to respond quickly to situations on the road) by a good margin.”

2006 Mercedes-Benz SLK280 - Stars: 5 of 5

“Bought a SB module for my Mercedes ML63 AMG. Website was intuitive, payment was easy and product arrived promptly. Very easy transaction.

Every Mercedes I’ve owned has come with a relatively “soft” gas pedal and I’ve had good luck with SB modules in the past. Install was simple and the end result was more than I expected. Given my car has a 5.5L twin turbo engine, the acceleration and torque with the SB is ridiculous. Night and day difference. Don’t get me wrong, the car was fast before, but now without the pedal there is much quicker acceleration and less gear hunting even when I’m in comfort mode.

I’ve heard some people say pedal boxes are nonsense and that they can get the same effect by just stepping on the gas more. Wrong! I will speak from experience that I have had terrific results every time I’ve used SB; three AMG Mercedes cars and one Porsche. If you have a turbo car, you have no idea what you are missing.”

Mercedes ML63 AMG - Stars: 5 of 5


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