Beat the Drive-By-Wire

Don't Let A Wire Ruin Your Fun


Drive-By-Wire systems could be robbing your car of performance and how it should feel when you drive it. Some of us are old enough to remember a time when cars had carburetors and mechanical throttle linkage. If you've ever driven an older car, lets say an early Mustang, you'd probably notice how responsive the vehicle is. That's because instead of having a "drive-by-wires" they had  throttle cables.

These throttle cables gave the car instant response from when you push the gas pedal and when the engines picks up the signal. Nowadays, all vehicles are made with drive-by-wire systems, which basically regulate how your car drives. It's like your car is being governed. And that's exactly what automobile companies are doing.


 Why Do Car Makers Do This 

The drive-by-wire system was created to help improve our gas mileage (so does a Sprint Booster, read here) and help prevent emissions. 

But in return is it diminishing how your car should perform? Yes.

These drive-by-wire systems cause "throttle lag" and "rev hangs" in your vehicle, making it feel sluggish and can make the driver feel disconnected from their car.


 You Lose The Feel Of The Road

When you feel the road through the steering wheel and the engine through the throttle, this is what makes you feel like you're part of the car, or more specifically, the car is an extension of your body. And that's why so many people will always love classic muscle and sports cars.

Nowadays that feeling is much harder to obtain due to these drive-by-wire systems. You're not in full control anymore of how your car works when you press the gas pedal. 


 And What Do Most Drivers Think About Drive-By-Wire? 

There are plenty of car/ driving enthusiasts that dislike these drive-by-wire systems. "Numb" is the perfect word to describe how these systems feel to most enthusiasts. 

Apply light throttle, numb. Half throttle, still numb. Full throttle, nothing for a second and then your car revs to the redline. This is the experience of driving cars with these systems.

So do you derive no pleasure from driving at all? Do you want the most out of your car?


 Sprint Booster Beats The Wire

Here at we don't believe in taking the fun out of the driving. So we put the FUN back into it.  Sprint Boosters are designed to bypass your ETC (drive-by-wire) and provide you INSTANT PEDAL REACTION.

The Sprint Booster V3 will bring back the feeling of control and the connection between you and your car. 

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