Sprint Booster for your ACURA

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You’ll love what a Sprint Booster V3 will do for your ACURA!

Sprint Booster V3

Increase your ACURA's performance in 10 minutes or less!
Switch between factory, sport and race settings!
Make your daily driving WAY more fun!

Why Do People Like Sprint Boosters So Much?

Since 2000, auto manufacturers replaced responsive cable throttle systems with the cheaper electronic versions. Unfortunately, they've robbed your ACURA of its performance. Sprint Booster V3 not only corrects this problem, it actually improves your throttle response. It unlocks your ACURA’s potential, creating a quicker, more responsive drive. So after you install Sprint Booster, you feel a huge difference the first time you hit the gas.

What happens in your ACURA when you hit the gas?

Usually, you get a full second of delay before you start moving. Sprint Booster Power Converters eliminates this unwanted hesitation and replaces it with a quicker acceleration.

Here's a Quick Video Explaining How Sprint Booster Works In Your Car

Installing a Sprint Booster in your ACURA will: 

Provider quicker acceleration
Enable faster passing  Increase the responsiveness when driving uphill.
Allow quicker gear changes
Provide easier rev matching

Test Drive Our Sprint Booster With a 30-Day Guarantee!

We’re so convinced that you’re gonna love your Sprint Booster Power Converter that we offer a “No Questions Asked”, bulletproof 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Give it a risk-free test drive, see what you think. And if it’s not for you… send it back. No harm. No foul.

Sprint Booster V3 offers you additional features than the previous version Sprint Boosters, such as:
36 Acceleration programs.
Instant transmission and fuel adaption.
Pedal Lock mode
Valet Mode
Ultra compact size and design 
Easy access while driving

Put the pedal to the metal and make driving your ACURA fun again with Sprint Booster Power Converters.

Plus, there's FREE SHIPPING within the continuous states of the USA.

PLEASE NOTE:  Sprint Boosters V3 were specifically designed to work on autos made for the USA market.  Cars developed for purchases outside the US may not be compatible with the USA Sprint Booster.

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